Thursday, 14 October 2010

Millwall: Panorama Documentary (1977)

Everyone likes a good documentary don't they? Well this Panorama documentary on Millwall FC's lovely hooligans filmed in 1977 will make you piss yourselves. Thick as two short planks is not the word for it. These guys make that ICF lot look quite intelligent! Still this was a groundbreaking documentary for it's time and alot has changed in 33 years although everyone I know is STILL wary of travelling down to Millwall. No-one likes them......and with good reason.



  1. Hi:

    Just a wee note to say how much I enjoy your blog. And that's despite my lifelong allegiance to Man Utd! I like the way you're not afraid to let rip where ripping's due, even if it is your own Blues. Football is the greatest game, but it's also blessed with constant hilarity, mostly unintentional!

    I'm Scottish but have lived in L.A. for many years now (or "all fuckin' day", as the marine in Vietnam said to the reporter asking how long he'd been there). Fortunately we now get pretty much wall to wall football coverage and I can usually watch 2 live games on Saturday before anyone else gets up. Still play myself and manage a Sunday league team here as well. Just love the game.

    I started my own blog a short time ago and I'd like to ask your permission to put a link to your blog on my site. It would be great if you have a look at mine and, if you approve, do the same and stick a link to me on your blog. But it's not a requirement and I'd be happy to link you even if you don't want to reciprocate (some Yanks feel some of my posts are a little radical but, then again, they're so thick, they believe Obama's a socialist!). My blog address is:

    Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the great work. Your blog is a lot of fun to read. I hope Blackpool stay up too!


  2. Hi Neil. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy it here. No probs,your are all linked up- I like radical! I shall have a gander later when I get some time.

    PS I hope you're not a goalkeeper!

  3. hey,what about goalkeepers?lol...Tomasewski was my hero as a kid,before discovering the Damned and Rat Scabies...and i was a defensive midfield( a 4 or a 6 in the'70s)but dreaming be a number one...cheers.Neil,i'll go visiting your blog this evening...

  4. England fans remember that "clown" of a goalkeeper (as Brian Clough put it) well. He was responsible for us not going to the 74 World Cup.

    Neil can't be a goalkeeper for one simple reason Roberto......he is Scottish lol.

  5. many thanks for that jackie charlton link mate,really looking forward to seeing that one.
    ill give this millwall one a look too when i get a moment.thanks again

  6. No probs mate,I'm sure you'll enjoy both vids :)

  7. Not downloaded yet but will, old enough to remember seeing this at the time, is it the one where the nutters are called "the treatment"?

    Despite the obvious rivalry one of my best mates was a Millwall fan and we would often go down to Cold Blow lane to watch his lot, driving through the derelict wastelands in his Cortina parking next to one of the rubbish heaps that seemed to be around every street.
    You would nearly always see Danny Baker as they didn't have many fans so he was easy to spot, and if you went midweek the floodlights were so bad it looked like they were powered by candles?
    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be, but good times :)

  8. Yea that's the one Lee. The aptly named Treatment,the Halfway Liners and the F Troop. I only ever went to Millwall once....a midweek League Cup game in the mid 80's. It was hell to be honest. Spent most of the game dodging missiles and getting home in one piece was differcult to say the least.

  9. some quality quotes in this - you gotta admit it - we've got a sense of humour

  10. I'll admit that Pil Head. It is very funny :)