Monday, 4 October 2010

Liverpool 1 Blackpool 2

I won't go on about Chelsea beating Arsenal today even though its tempting. I'll just say the Gooners played some really pretty football and lost again. Enough said!

What about Liverpool? Losing to Blackpool at home has got to be one of the greatest top-flight results of all time. I'm taking nothing away from Blackpool here as from all acounts,they deserved their victory. But Liverpool players should hang their heads in shame. They were fucking awful in midweek,awful last saturday and lets not forget,they also lost at home to mighty Northampton in the Carling Cup. They are a complete embarressment to their fans. I don't know if its the manager although I know he wouldn't of been my choice for gaffer.

I don't like Liverpool football club and particulary don't like their supporters (except for you Mona:) but even I am starting to feel sorry for them. I'm not upset they are in the bottom three - far from it in fact....its the yanks ruining the club and eating away at its soul. Its a crying shame and yes Bill Shankly would be turning in his grave this morning.

Woy out? I don't think even that would solve this madness.


  1. Thanx man...I am speechless!!!

  2. They do look to be in freefall Longy and with Torres maybe joining your lot in January window things could get a whole lot worse. Please don't expect me to feel sorry for them though!

  3. I'm not surprised Mona!

    I hope we don't get Torres Mullers. Too expensive,too injury prone and goes missing in away games. Why would we sign him when we've already got the white Gerd Muller?(Kalou)

  4. Agreed you don't need Torres now but Drogba wont go on for ever, what is he 33? - doesn't mean you won't go head to head with City to get him. He's on his way wherever.

    Isn't October 6th D-day for the Scousers with RBS threatening to call in their loans and potentially sending the scousers into administration. I take no pleasure from that circumstance as we may well be in the same boat a few years from now!

  5. I think we can do better than Torres...get someone who isn't so injury prone and who has a heart!

    I'm not sure when D day is for the mousers. I'm not surprised you are worried. Those Glazer boys are fucking up Utd aren't they. Makes me glad we have Abramovich who to be fare,has not put a foot wrong (except for sacking Mourinho,appointing Grant & appointing Scolari:)