Friday, 17 December 2010

Champions League Draw

An interesting draw for the last 16 of the Champions League eariler today. Congratulations to Chelsea who are through (I'll top myself if we lose to Copenhagen!) Man Utd should also go through but take some earplugs Mullers for when they come to Manc. They make quite a din although they are not quite as bad as the Turks or the Bubbles.

Tottenham get another plum tie with a trip back to the San Siro so its all excitement for the debut team from N17. Spurs can win this one in my humble opinion. Sad to hear of the death of Ralph Coates today. R.I.P. to a great player.

Arsenal pay the price for finishing second in their group with the toughest game against Barcelona. With the Gooners at home in the first leg,I actually think they have a chance of getting through (but I'm not putting any money on it!)

Meanwhile its Chelsea vs Man Utd on Sunday and for me this looks like a draw. Chelsea were much improved after Ancelotti was spotted reading this blog and has promised to win vs Manc's. I don't think we will but I can't see us losing either.


  1. lampard back, i reckon chelsea will have a big win at home. 3-1.

  2. Chelsea should win but from what I've seen Copenhagen have a far better team than in previous years so it's not gonna be easy.
    Arsenal's only hope is that Messy and a couple of other other stars get injured before the tie otherwise a repeat of last season I reckon.
    Man U should breeze it, and Stratford will probably have a high scoring aggregate win (or loss) have to admit they are entertaining this season.

  3. Copenhagen have got Jesper Gronkjaer. That is why they don't worry me!