Monday, 6 December 2010

Chris Hughton: Sacked for doing a great job

Football in this country really has gone flaming mad hasn't it? What the hell has Chris Hughton done wrong to get the sack? Sure,Newcastle have lost a few games but they are comfortabe in midtable which is no mean feat considering they have just come up. What the fuck is wrong with Mike Ashley and the morons that run that club? Who do they think they are,Chelsea? I thought it was only us who shot ourselves in the foot on a regular basis (Ancelotti will be out soon,I fear)

Newcastle fans deserve better. Not better than Chris Hughton but better people to run their club. Shame on those wankers upstairs and I hope their decision ends in relegation.


  1. Yep, pretty much my view and all the footy fans including a couple of Newcastle fans I spoke to today :(
    It has seemed since he took over that his face didn't really fit and he's been only a couple of defeats away from the sack all the time, but Ashley couldn't get rid of him earlier after they ran away with the championship last season.

    Ashley seems to think Newcastle are one of the biggest clubs in the world but with him in charge mid table is about as good it will ever get unless he suddenly starts pumping tens of millions into the team.
    Martin Jol or Martin O'Neill? both decent managers but not magicians.

  2. I hope one of Geordies punches that fat fucker Ashley in the mouth at their next home game Lee. He really has no idea. Yes Newcastle are only 5 points off relegation but they are also only 4 points behind 6th placed Bolton. This sacking and particulary the timing of it are baffling.

  3. The press seem to think its between Pardew,O Neill and Jol but personally,I don't know mate. We'll soon find out though.....

  4. Putting aside the nonsense of Hughton's sacking all the talk seems to be of Pardew taking over but is he a better bet than Hughton. What's the point?!

  5. Pardew was doing a good job at Southampton but but not so good at Charlton and West Ham if I remember rightly Mullers. I can't see the point either mate.