Monday, 6 June 2011

Gus Hiddink: The Only Man For The Job!

So it now looks certain that Gus Hiddink is leaving his post as Turkey manager and coming back to Chelsea. Hopefully as Manager and not Director Of Football (whatever that means) The rumour that Mark Hughes is in line for the managers job is very worrying but that one will hopefully not come true. Latest odds on Gus being the next Chelsea manager are now an encouraging 1/7. Lets hope the bookies are right.

Gus is the right man for the job! Come on Chelsea,get him!


  1. I would prefer Guus to Gus anyday...

  2. Fair point mate. Should be summer fun whatever happens :)

  3. Hello

    If I remember right, you did like The Damned Longy? Here's an interview from Swedish TV 4 from Sweden Rock festival this morning

    Some interesting talk about 1976.....

    Best wishes from Sweden

  4. Hello arstider. Thanks for that mate. Will have a look later when my torrents have finished :)