Thursday, 30 September 2010


I can't stand them! They all get is positive press despite not winning a trophy for 6 years and having the biggest whingeing manager in the history of football. Arsenal went a season unbeaten in the League in 2003/4 - yes a great feat depite drawing several games. Chelsea win the League the season after with just one defeat and many more points than "the invincibles" and what do we get? Negative publicity! Chelsea win the double last season with record goals scored and what do we get - fuck all publicity. Everyone is too busy going on about Wenger's pretty pleasing on the eye football. Well winning games 7 2,7 1, 7 0 and 8 0 is pretty pleasing on my bloody eye! Its making me more paranoid than Wenger!

I hope we stuff them on Sunday.


  1. Thanks for that Longy - that image has made me feel quite ill!

    If Wenger's Arsenal ever did manage to win another trophy - we would have the most almighty wankfest from the London press - greatest team in history, most 'beautifullist' football ever. To use an analogy, Wenger's Arsenal is like a preening super model - cosmetic and you can look but you can't touch!

    Having said all that I hope you draw at the weekend.

  2. Spot on Mullers - god help us if they win anything. Its pretty worrying that they are still in the Carling Cup. The press will certainly toss themselves silly should the impossible happen.

  3. Tea rose pink satin sheets AND walls?!?

    Lol! Longy, you really do know how to disgust!!!

    No way could Chelsea lose Sunday.

    Any thoughts on Birmingham v Everton?

  4. lol biopunk

    Birmingham vs Everton hmmm its got 0 0 written all over it mate which will probably mean its a game full of goals.

  5. Paranoid mate :)
    .. and I'm now worried about what websites your looking at to get that picture!!

    I predicted a Chelsea win this week so with my current success rate you're doomed :)

  6. I got it off the Chelsea Headhunters site Lee. If you've got a problem with it,go and tell them lol

  7. What a great pic of Mr. Wenger! Lol

    Just wanted to send you a hug, mate!