Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chelsea 2 Man Utd 1

Well by all accounts,we had a couple decisions go our way last night and without going all Arsene Wenger on you,I didn't have a good view of the penalty or the JT handball as I'm up the other end at the Shed. David Luiz was lucky not to get sent off though admitedly. I'm not sure why Torres's goal was disallowed and I'm simply amazed Rooney was on the pitch after his "assault" at Wigan so these things even themselves out.

A good first 10 minutes and then we were outplayed for the rest of the first half and deserved to go in at half time a goal down. A much improved second half though and for the time since Blackburn away months ago,we actually came from behind to win a game. Great to see for a change so well done my boys!


  1. :-D

    We still have about 20-30 cm snow outside.....
    Our season starts in one month, seems far away...

    Best wishes from Sweden

  2. Give Rooney a break, it's not as if he shot anyone is it :)
    Good result for you, but proof once again Martin Atkinson is a big Chelsea fan, 2 seasons on the trot he's reffed this one and after last years effort where his Chelsea scarf must have been over his eyes for the offside goal and every time Terry fouled someone in the box, it seems he's done it again.
    They should insist on Howard Webb next year :)

  3. Thought Utd played the better football but Chelsea over powered Utd in last 20 minutes. If you take the 5 big calls (which all went Chelsea's way) out of it I thought Chelsea just about deserved it. Long way to go....

  4. Hi Arstider. Sounds cold mate. I hope you are keeping well.

    Lee,why should I give Rooney a break. He gets away with murder. If he didn't play for United,he would of definately been banned. If you or I had done that,he'd do time for it.

    Mullers,so Torres disallowed goal isn't a "big call" but the other decisions are? I agree we had a bit of luck with the our pen,jt handball and Luiz staying.

  5. ref blew, everybody stopped apart from Torres - so wasn't a disallowed goal in my view for that reason but hey ho maybe time to move on we got the Scousers cup final at w/e which should be fun!

  6. My point is,why did the ref blow. The answer = not alot lol. Anyway Mullers,as we are not going to win the League,I hope you win against the Mickeys. The last thing I want is for the Gooners to win it!

  7. tough old game they'll come at us hard and I don't know whether we're strong enough at the moment with the number of games / injuries to win it. But I'll drink to the sentiment!!