Monday, 21 March 2011

England have their Captain back (at last)

So people are again moaning about John Terry but lets be honest here,he is the only natural leader in the England squad and should never of been stripped of the Captaincy in the first place. His crime.....well the press alledged that he was bonking the ex girlfriend of Wayne Bridge. The same press that printed reams of pages about this,apoligised to JT and Vanessa Perroncel back in October over their "mistake" It was in such small print that nobody noticed of course. Capello has proved what a gutless cunt he is on more than one occasion - the latest being the way he has ditched Rio Ferdinand but for me,the biggest crime of Capello's is he hasn't apoligised to John Terry for stripping him of the Captaincy in the first place!


  1. Never going to agree with you about this one Longy - the guy's a first class 'twunt' and shouldn't be let anywhere near the captaincy of the country. Capello's amateurish handling of the situation makes it all the worse. Just my humble opinion of course.

    On another issue - really looking forward to the CL games - fancy us to just nick it over two legs. Would be a little more confident if we had some of our walking wounded back.

  2. Well I wouldn't expect you to agree Mullers. I will leave at that.

    I'm not too happy with the draw to be honest. Would of prefered to be at home in the second leg but would of prefered not to have drawn Utd at all really!