Monday, 28 February 2011

The Joy!

Nothing in football gives me more pleasure than Chelsea FC winning and that is a fact. But running a very close second is seeing a rival losing and yesterday I was punching the air with delight as Birmingham City triumphed at Wembley and prevented Arsenal from winning a trophy. Seeing the misery on Wenger's face and those Gooners in the crowd made my day a very joyful one. Thank god for Arsenal goalkeepers!

Well done Birmingham on a fully deserved victory :)


  1. Ditto :)
    A great day all round.

  2. Pure comedy gold!

    wrt tomorrow, as usual we'll sit back and try and hit you on the break. Head says a 1-1 but heart says 1-2 with a late winner for Hernandez.

  3. A great day for you Lee. Could of done without that Carlton Cole goal though!

    Tomorrow has 0 0 written all over it Mullers. Might even have a tenner on it which will be around the 7/1 mark. It will be some compensation for the misery I will have to endure at Stamford Bridge :)

  4. Hi Longy - long time no etc - i thoroughly enjoyed the League Cup final - watched it in my local pub with a load of Arsenal supporters which doubled the pleasure :-) 1-0 tonight.

  5. Hi Steve. You were closer than me mate. A very enjoyable evening at the Bridge!