Sunday, 3 April 2011

The dream is over

Well the dream of retaining our League title has been over for while really but recent results gave us an outside hope......but not anymore. Yesterday's 1 1 at Stoke but an end to that for sure. As for Arsenal,they can still win it but lets face it,they won't! So now is the time to congratulate Man Utd on winning the title. They deserve it.

Wednesday's Champions League 1st leg is a game I'm looking forward to although to be honest,I can see a very tight game. Hopefully we can keep a clean sheet but after watching some of our defending yesterday coupled with United's awesome 2nd half demolition of the hapless West Ham,I have my doubts. Whoever wins this tie should,in theory,get to Wembley's Final. I just hope it's us!


  1. mate he is feckin mental

  2. pmsl. A great way to keep his supporters onside!

  3. see what you're doing there Longy - that old jinxing routine

    premature - long, long way to go

    toss of a coin for the QF, depends what defence we put out just hope we can get 1, preferably two away goals - have a feeling for 2-2 at Stamford Bridge. Should be a good gameanyway.

  4. No jinxing routine here mate. We are not winning the League so and really don't think the Gooners will either. That leaves just you.

    Well done mate.

    My prediction for tomorrow is 0 0 or 1 1.