Monday, 20 September 2010

Blackpool FC: I hope you stay up

I'll be honest,I don't think they will do despite their reasonablly good start to the season but they are one team I admire. Every man and their dog think they haven't got a chance and rightly so but the team have spirit and the funniest Manager in the Premier League. Their fans have a great sense of humour too singing "Your'e not as good as Arsenal" when they were 4 0 down and another classic "WE WANT ONE WE WANT ONE" Our fans stood up and applauded this one. Great fans living the dream in the promised land of the top flight. I,for one,really hope they stay there. Good luck for the rest of the season Blackpool. You are a credit to football.


  1. With you on this one, just for the Holly interviews :)
    Funny to think I was at the Millenium stadium only 6 years ago expecting Southend to beat Blackpool in the LDV vans paint trophy, how things change.

  2. Indeed Lee. Blackpool's rise gives hope for every small team and that is good for the game.