Friday, 3 September 2010

England 4 Bulgaria 0

Despite only having 9 men on the pitch,it was a great result for England tonight. 9 men? Yes 9 men. Walcott was fucking rubbish again and as for Glen Johnson - well he really is a liability. I lost count of the number of times he got caught out of position (again) A half decent team would of punished us.

I was very impressed by Joe Hart who would of got man of the match had Defoe not got a hat-trick. Phil Jagielka had a good game n all as did Rooney who ran his bollocks off. Shame about Dawson's injury but every cloud has a silver lining and now Gallas will have to wear the Tottenham shirt :)

Capello looked about as happy as a Gooner in March. FFS celebrate a goal you miserable old bastard! Of course,after this result we will qualify easily by winning the group,the press will be right behind us and we'll go to Euro 2012 as one of the favourites..............and come home early after yet another pathetic tournament display. Hold on to your hats and prepare for more disappointment in 2 years!

PS Great result for France tonight who without their "squad" managed to lose 1 0 at home to Belarus (ha!) Punishment - it doesn't always work you know. Oh for an Anelka out there to get you the goals.

PSS Great away point for the Scots over in that mighty football hotbed otherwise known as Lithuania. Super win in Slovenia for Northern Ireland,a win for the Republic of Ireland in another footballing hotbed -Armenia and the less said about the Welsh the better.

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