Monday, 6 September 2010

Hooligan (The ICF)

This one is for you Lee :) Quite funny watching this after all these years and no offense mate,they do come across as a tad dim. Its an interesting social document of the time though,I'll give it that much.



  1. mate,thanks a million for those links,feckin you ever find links to any games from the 2002 world cup in particular germany and spain that would be great.thanks again old chap!

  2. Your welcome mate. Coming right up for you sir.

  3. Thanks Longy, I'm sure I've got this somewhere either on Video or downloaded a few years back but I'll download this just in case :)
    Those interviewed are probably a bit dim as the clever ones wouldn't put themselves up for interview in case of retribution and this lot just want a bit of the glory.
    The odd thing with all these documentaries is that I was following the Hammers home and away throughout this period and I don't remember seeing any of these faces that turn up on all these ICF related films, I know we used to have a huge following but you'd always see the same people at the front if anything ever kicked off and I'm sure I would recognise them.
    My mate Henry who would steam in at the first sign stuck out like a sore thumb as he was 6'7" and I've yet to see him.
    Anyway keep up the good work mate, I'm starting to think your a closet Hammer with all these West ham related posts haha.

  4. One other thing Longy are any of your films ripped from your own Videos? as I'm still trying to find the best way of doing it.
    I've got a DVD recorder but when I connect the video player to it, it skips big chunks for some reason and an hour film ends up as 15 minutes?
    I've got a pile of footie vids and it would be nice to give something back :)

  5. Hi Lee. This one isn't ripped from VHS,its an old dvd copy. I do have a machine that records video to dvd and I then rip it on to here. Its one of those Daewoo things and I wouldn't recommend it as its a heap of junk. Its 2 years and it ain't broke yet. The most expensive freeview box I ever brought!

  6. I think I'm in amongst that lot somewhere. Quite easy to spot, really. I'll be the one running... away!! lol

    So now I've got a footie blog to keep me updated on everything I miss on the pitch... and I miss a lot. Did I tell you I started of as a Liverpool fan, when they started losing I joined West Ham (not that they won anything, but they had some street cred) and then I went on to Fulham and then Cambridge, I think???

    And who is it now? i've gone all French: Lyon

    Take care, mate

    Shane. x

  7. Hello Shane :) Blimey you've had more clubs than Tiger Woods!