Tuesday, 18 January 2011

24 Million for Darren Bent!

Aston Villa finally lost the plot today by signing Sunderland's Darren Bent for a staggering 24 million pounds. Now Bent isn't a bad striker but for 24 million I would more than him. Sunderland really are the Black Cats today and Villa are more mugs than Villians. What is the mad world of football transfers coming to?

Meanwhile Stephen Pienaar has decided to join Tottenham after turning down Chelsea. The main reason appears to be money apparently as Spurs offered him more than us. I suspect Pienaar was never quite good enough for us so the Spuds are welcome to the greedy bastard. We have enough Africans as it is and none of them have pulled their weight this season. A lucky escape for the Chels I reckon.


  1. Crazy price but I understand why Sunderland accepted it, could be a bargain if he converts half the chances Villa make though?

  2. I can understand Sunderland Lee but no,I really can't see 24 mill ever being a bargain for Villa. I don't think Bent is any better than Agbongwhatisnameis to be honest.

  3. Hi, I just found your other blog looking for Hysteria stuff, that Demo basically, thanks for uploading that!. And so maybe you have any pictures of them back in the days? I´d love to see more pictures of that time! Thanks you so much!

  4. Heard Ancelotti say that they never even tried to sign Piennar so he couldn't have turned them down, Nice one Carlo :)

  5. Hi Verushka. Thanks for your interest in Hysteria and for sharing the love via your site.

    Before they were called Hysteria they were called Death Watch Hour. An old poster here (same line up as the original Hysteria)


    I see you already have the interview Highlander posted on Cactus Mouth Informer so the only thing I can offer is.......

    The original lyric sheets for the demo


    I haven't got anything else I'm afraid but next time I speak to Caroline I will ask if there's any pictures they could send me. Hope that helps a tiny bit.

  6. a punkfriction sort of request for you mate.ages ago you posted a clash audiobook sort of thing.ive had a request to post it if i had it.is your link still 'live' or is it ok if i repost it?cheers old bean