Monday, 31 January 2011

Luiz & Torres join the Chels!

Most Chelsea fans will be very happy tonight after we signed Fernando Torres. Personally I'm not so sure for the 50 million we are apparently paying for him. Another overated sicknote who goes missing for long periods during games (if he actually starts them that is) A couple of goals on his debut on Sunday against Liverpool and I might just chance my opinion :)

I'm very happy with our other signing David Luiz. Just the defender we need and at only 23,a snip at 21 million (well it is for us) Most importantly,our owner has sent out a really strong message of intent tonight. We are not finished yet!

Welcome to the club Torres and Luiz.


  1. So much for Abramovich 'balancing the books' eh Longy! Seriously though 2 good signings.

  2. i think this spells the end for drogba...

  3. I bet my season ticket goes up now! Still it will be fun winding those scousers up on sunday

    "He's now a blue he was a red, Torres! Torres!

    He hates the Kop he loves the Shed, Torres! Torres!

    He used to go out on the rob but now he's got a proper job!

    Fer-nan-do Tor-res, Chelsea's number 9!"

  4. Is that Man city shirt with a Chelsea badge sewn on? and you've signed Leo Sayer excellent :)
    Good signings (if you ignore the inflated price) even I hope Torres scores a hatfull on his debut Sunday :)

  5. Stop it. For a moment I almost believed you Lee!

  6. since when are man city sponsored by samsung???!! and made by adidas??!! lee you're an idiot! that is chelsea 07 strip