Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year......same old shit!

Some of our players need putting down they really do. Sorry Drogba,thanks for all the goals over the last few years but if you don't want to try,then fuck off out of my club. Don't use malaria as an excuse either. I've seen terminally ill people put in more effort than you. Ditto Anelka,Ferriera and his just as useless replacement Bosingwa who only actually plays well when it's hot (in other words,not very fucking often!) Sadly,Michael Essien and Malouda seemed to given up as well. I wish it was so easy for me put I've already paid my season ticket so I'm stuck with you you useless cunts!

3 3 might sound like an entertaining game and an exciting finish but it doesn't hide just how terrible this Chelsea performance was. I'm taking nothing away from Villa who totally deserved their point (well all 3 really) I didn't think I could get this angry after last weeks feeble surrender at Arsenal but if anything,this has made me madder than ever!

Shocking,discraceful,inept,lazy wankers!


  1. This is what i like of you Longy,you're so lovely...c'mon mate,we have just changed the property,the second in 6 months,we hope to not going down...cheers.

  2. Maybe you could change that "who's going down" poll to include the team most likely?

  3. agreed. drogba is cooked. big cleanout needed.

  4. Yep we're shite. We'll be lucky to be on channel 5 next season at this rate!