Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Another day,another gutless Chelsea performance. Again,certain players don't seem bothered ala Drogba,Essien and Anelka when he came on. Ancelotti looked clueless on the bench as the team looked clueless on the pitch. Loads of possession but no end product.

I feel this is the end for Carlo now although I don't entirely blame him for the mess we are in. He might even get sacked tomorrow but who would we bring in. Fucking Benitez? That is why we must stick with Carlo and that is why the board should put their hands up and back him in the transfer market. The thin squad is the problem. Players are getting rewarded for playing shite by starting every game because there is no one to come in as replacements ala Drogba for instance.

Chelsea are now offically now the Liverpool of the South. The West Ham of West London. Yes,we are THAT bad!


  1. Must admit I'm surprised at your decline (having said that I'm sure you'll be back on song for our games in March). So I heard 3 shots on target none in the last quarter!! Is Ancellotti the man to get you out of this or is there another change in the offing?

  2. I really don't know Mullers. I blame the board for being so short-sighted and not building on last season - letting too many players go and not replacing them. The players need to take a long hard look at themselves too. Some of them are an absolute discrace.

  3. Zola needs a job, although obviously I hope you get Benitez :)
    I think your spot on about the lack of good players challenging the long established ones for places being the reason, how can you lose Ballack Cole Carvalho Deco and Belletti and expect to be top form for the 60 odd games you would play if you were challenging for all the trophies.
    Not forgetting that a lot of your players best days are behind them like Terry, Lampard, Drogba etc
    Roman needs to put his hand back in his pocket if your going to stay a top 4 team.

  4. I'd love Zola back Lee but he needs more experience before he can manage a shower like us. Would love him back in the club in any capicity to be honest.

    You are spot on about Roman too. Oh well,it would be worse,he could be losing at home to Leeds in the FA Cup!

  5. holy shit.newcastle your boys took a hell of a beating,ahell of a beating(or something like that!)

  6. Give a bit of credit to the Wanderers!

  7. Yes,your right mate I should of done that really. They outfought us and deserved their win. I've got nothing against Wolves except that nasty little irish c**t and I hope they stay up again this season.