Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So now its official. No trophy's for Chelsea this season. I can cope with that - I have years of experience. I can cope with losing to a better side in the Champions League over two legs too even if it is Manchester United. Congratulations to them. Surely they must be thinking of the treble again now?

What I can't cope with at the moment (well for the best part of the whole season really) is some of the effort put in by my players last night. Some of them are a complete and utter fucking disgrace to the shirt. The manager must take some of the blame too. How blind is he to pick the likes of Torres and Malouda when clearly they have been playing like women's undercarriage's? Lampard gets picked because he is Lampard whether he has been playing shit or not. The same goes for Essien. Anelka too. Our best player last night got sent off which says it all really.

Torres even has a new dedicated website

I'm feeling demoralised today. I'm up at West Brom on Saturday and a big part of me wished I wasn't!


  1. Ancelotti sucks, that is all!!

  2. I was delighted when the team news came out - Drogba is still a great player.

  3. I bet you were happy Mullers. We lost as soon as the team sheet was announced. I'm just glad I didn't go up there or I would of REALLY been pissed off! Good luck in the semi's mate.

  4. Thanks Longy - despite my concerns about this Utd side we do seem to be putting together a bit of form. Whether we can last the pace and the schedule is another matter. But it should be a hell of a (expensive) ride!

  5. Only Man City and Barca/Real Madrid stopping you from that treble me thinks Mullers.

    I've cheered up considerably since yesterday thanks to the ever reliable Tottenham goalkeeper :) Another classic Gomez moment!