Sunday, 17 April 2011

A great day out at the Baggies

Just what the doctor ordered. Sunshine,cheap beer a plenty,fantastic away support and 3 points for my beloved Chelsea. Pity Torres's goal was disallowed but it didn't take the gloss off a great day. Our fans were simply superb especially considering the shite week we had just had getting knocked out of the Champions League. They sang some absolute classics - my favourite being "We're gonna win fuck all,We're gonna win fuck all, and now your gonna believe us and now your gonna believe us and now your gonna believe us....We're gonna win fuck all" You've just got to love football humour! I'm glad the Baggies are staying up. Great club,friendly fans and yes that very cheap ale!

News filtered through on the train home via texts that United lost to City in the FA Cup semi much to the delight of what seemed like the whole train (commerations Mullers and all you other Man U fans) Congratulations to City fans. Its been a long wait and maybe now they can finally bag a major trophy. I'm looking forward to today's other semi final between Stoke and Bolton. I think Stoke will win but I would prefer to see Bolton do it because their fans are nicer!

Meanwhile at the bottom of the Premier League,Wigan have given themselves a precious lifeline with a crucial win at Blackpool who are sinking like a stone. West Ham threw away a lead and lost at home to Villa in the other big relegation game and look doomed with some tough fixtures coming up. Chelsea away for the Hammers next Saturday and hopefully we will stuff them!


  1. Sounds like a great day Longy - probably better than mine! Tired, insipid performance from Utd and Berbs - wtf? Wouldn't be surprised to see him depart at the end of the season which on the face of it - 21 goals this season - may be surprising but he is, and in my opinion has always been a square peg in a round hole at Utd. No complaints City deserved it on the day. Up the Potters!

    If we can hold it together away against Newcastle on Tuesday and Everton at OT at w/e we should limp over the line but hardly the most convincing of campaigns.

    Serious investment needed in midfield. I'm afraid we're seeing the end of Utd legends VDS, Neville (already), Scholes, Hargreaves (already), with one more grand finale for Giggs.

    Looks ominous for Blackpool and the Hammers which on both counts would be a shame.

  2. Berbatov is a funny one. I think he has the talent but to me is one of those lazy players. He's okay when he feels like it and is in the mood but you never know which Berbatov is going to turn up. Anelka and Malouda are similar in that respect.

    It's not the best United side we've seen by a long way this season but they have been by far the best team in the league. It doesn't say much for the rest of us does it! I have to admit I did have a long old chuckle at Arsenal/Wenger yesterday as I bet you did too.

    Yes Blackpool looked doomed. The Hammers could still get out of it as Wolves and Blackburn and even Sunderland are in freefall. With Avram Grant at the helm though,hopefully they will go!