Friday, 29 April 2011

Chelsea vs Tottenham (a must win game!)

For a lot of Chelsea fans,tomorrow afternoon's match against Tottenham is the most important of the season. Not because we need the points but because of who we are playing. There is no love lost between the supporters and for many Blues,this lot are our most "hated" rivals. It's a rivalry that goes back before my time to the 1967 Cup Final when Spurs beat us 2 1 in what was dubbed "the Cockney Cup Final"

My own personal trauma with Spurs started in the 1974/5 season when a 2 0 Tottenham win at White Hart Lane with goals from Steve Perryman and Alfie Conn meant almost certain relegation for Chelsea in what was a must win game for both of these clubs. Spurs stayed up while Chelsea were relegated a week later. It is something I won't ever forget!

Then there was that big FA Cup game at Stamford Bridge in 1982. Then struggling second division side Chelsea had already knocked European Champions,Liverpool out of the competition in round 5 and a home tie with current Cup holders,Tottenham held no fear in the quarter finals. It all started so well and just before half time,Micky Filliery blasted a screamer in at the North Stand end and in we went in at HT 1 0. I've never experienced such HT joy as that day. The Shed was absolutely rocking. Alas the Spuds came back with 3 quick second half goals and despite Chelsea "goal machine" (NOT) Alan Mayes pulling one back,we went on to lose 2 3 and were out. Cup dreams shattered. Season over. God,I hated them for that too.

Then there was that terrible Avram Grant inspired Carling Cup Final collapse in 2008 when after going a goal up,Spurs came back to beat us in extra time. That awful walk back to the station and all those crowing enemies singing their heads off. They rubbed it in big time and after all the great results we've had against them over the last 20 years,you couldn't really blame them.

There have been other games of course (like the 5 1 hammering also in the League Cup) but the 3 above are the reason I hate Tottenham and the reason we must keep up our record of not losing to them at home in the League since 1990.


  1. Relieved!

    Now to crush Manchester's spirits...

  2. Your bitterness rivals mine :)
    Congrats on the win, good job the linesmen had left their guide dogs at home.
    Dilemma for you tomorrow? I'm sure you want Man U to lose but I can't imagine you cheering on Arsene's boys haha

  3. First,the better team won and deserved to win.But there were 3 critical officiating decisions in this match and all were wrong.All three officials were involved.Of course, I got to see the replays(many times) on a big HD TV.The offside rule is so difficult to call.And all the diving in modern day football makes penalty calls difficult.But goals should and can easily be reviewed.The NHL,NBA,NFL and MLB all use video review with excellent results.The objective is to get the call 'correct'.That is my rant.Cheers.

  4. As I am in row 1 right behind the goal,I had a brilliant view of the Lampard "goal" We got that goal because of the reaction of our fans and especially the ball boy. Rightly or wrongly,that is my opinion.

    Didn't have a great view of the penalty and everyone said Kalou was offside for his goal but it is about time we had a bit of luck.

    We deserved to win anyway and did and I am happy :)

    As for Man Utd,I will be turning 20 quid into 52 quid tomorrow. They are nailed on to win so I had just as well make a few quid out of it!

  5. You bet on Man United?!? Hah!

    Poor, Longy. Poorer but wiser... :P

  6. The best 20 quid I ever lost biopunk. I think I'll do the same next Sunday too :)

  7. Hey Longy ... are you going up to Manchester for the match?Honestly did you think Chelsea would be in this position in say February?Good luck to your boys next Sunday.

  8. I'm afraid not Doug :( I wish I was! Thanks mate.