Thursday, 5 August 2010

Brazilian World Cup star signing imminent

At last Chelsea are making what looks like a decent signing (after the ongoing medical is completed) as Ramires will be signed from Benfica for a reported 18 million quid. At 23 and very fast,it will give us more options in our ageing midfield. This could mean "piles" for Yossi Benayoun!

It could be worse.....we could of re-signed that other Israeli Tel Ben Haim :) I can't believe the Hammers have been so stupid (as Lee will find out as the season progress's)


  1. Putting price aside, (think Benfica bought him for about £5 last year) from what I've seen he would fit in to PL and Chelsea very well. A fit Essien, Lampard and Ramires would be strong defensively and offensively. Can Utd respond with a much needed creative midfield buy of their own eg Ozil - I think not.

  2. I wouldn't mind that Ozil at Chels Mullers. He is another one we have been sniffing around (as have half the rest of the world)

  3. I've just remembered who I thought of when I saw this story - Kleberson, a midfield playmaker who starred for Brazil in the 2002 world cup and was then snapped up by Man U for a huge fee and then left everyone wondering if they'd signed the wrong Kleberson.
    On Ben Haim I just thought "oh no" but was relieved when they said he was only on loan, so at least he'll be gone by the new year hopefully.

  4. Kleberson lol. You'll have do better than that Lee!

  5. Well he ain't no Winston Reid is he :)

  6. Very Good Player, benfica lost their two midfield pearls Di Maria and Ramires.
    And they lost the 3 oficcial matches. ahaha
    Di Maria could be in the next 5 years the best player in the World.
    He´s really great and full of skills.


    Marion Cobretti

  7. Well I can't wait for him to start a few games for us. We lack pace in midfield and hopefully he will be just what the doctor ordered. Time will tell....