Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Craig Bellemy goes to Cardiff on loan!

Mancini is starting to lose the plot now. Bellemy was (along with Tevez) Citeh's best player last season from what I saw. Always a 100% tryer and would walk into most teams in the Premier League. Cardiff City fans will be very happy with this deal but I'm not so sure Citeh fans will feel the same. Yep they might have Ballotelli and Milner and god knows who else but they have made a big mistake with this one. At least Craig seems happy to be back in his native country and Man City are still paying his high wages.


  1. Longy,Even you are starting to beleive the gutter press now!!
    As Rafa once said FACTS:
    Fact 1 he wasn't our best player last year.
    Fact 2 He spends half the time arguing with teammates
    Fact 3 He can't train fully like the rest of the SQUAD because his knee is fucked!
    Fact 4 Take away his great goals in the derby against the rags and he onlyu played well against mediocre teams
    Fact 5 He is aquality player but to get to the next level we need players who can play consistently well and not stir shit.
    Good luck though Craig playing for your hometown club,I respect you decision.
    And please Longy don't write Citeh it's City ...only southern rags use that spelling to take the piss out of OUR MANC accents!!.
    Keep up the good work

  2. My post is based on my opinion Trevor. I've got nothing against your club mate.....I just rate Bellemy (he always plays well against us)

    PS Where do you get the facts "He spends half the time arguing with teammates" and "He can't train fully like the rest of the SQUAD because his knee is fucked"? Let me guess......the gutter press!

  3. I've seen it first hand at matches and Carrington.
    Don't get me wrong I think he is a very good player but if he is upsetting the training ground atmosphere then I would rather he did it elsewhere.

  4. Fair enough mate,can't argue with someone who watches 'em training.

  5. Hi Longy,Sorry to get so stressed over your comments!
    I shouldn't get so precious over my team but when you've had years of shit football to put up with it winds me up when cunts like tALKSPORT AND sKY seem to resent our new found wealth, I think we are damned if we do and damned if we don'tso in the words of Rat Scabies (see what I did there?).................Fuck 'em all!!!
    I dare say you've had the same shit thrown at you .
    The worm is turning and Slur Ferguson don' like it .

  6. No need to apoligise Trevor. Yes I have had the same shit thrown at me since Abramovich and despite going to Stamford Bridge since I was 8 years old,I'm now a glory hunter too!

    A bit of advice old bean. Enjoy the money and the success that WILL come to your team. And yes,fuck 'em all. They are jealous.....simple as that. Because you've been through years of shit like both Chelsea and City fans have,you have every right to milk the good times so milk it and bollocks to all the lot of 'em.

  7. thanks for that.
    Good luck for 36 games this season,hopefully we can meet up at Wembley!( I think I can remember the way)

  8. Good luck to to you too for the 36 games. There was a whole pub of Chelsea fans last weekend (Morrisons New Kings Road)cheering you lot on only because you were playing the Spuds though!

    Wembley has changed a bit since 76 though. You won't recognise the beer and food prices so start saving.

    Last bit of advice. When you do win the League/Trophy and a rival fan says "You brought it" reply with "I know. Good ain't it!" Works every time for me!

  9. Has it changed since 1999 when we were a likkle 2nd div team?!!

  10. Just a bit mate! Wembley the area is still a shithole though.