Friday, 20 August 2010

Crybaby Gallas off to the Spuds: You just couldn't make it up!

As William Gallas completes he's medical ahead of signing on a one year deal for Tottenham Hotspuds,Arsenal (and indeed Chelsea) fans will be looking forward to seeing the man return to his former clubs homes. Knowing William,he will duck out of returning to the Emirates this season,just like he ducked out of Stamford Bridge for a season when he signed for the Gooners.

The majority of Blues fans don't like the fact that he reportedly (according to CFC) threatened to score an own goal for us if he didn't get his move up to North London. We also didn't it when he said he was joining "the best fans in the world" (Arsenal - yea right!) after all he had from us was 100% dedicated support. Now he was gone to Chelsea's biggest rivals,the welcome will be even hotter. I hope the Gooners get the chance to "cheer him on" too.

One treacherous twat. Thats William Gallas!

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