Monday, 9 August 2010

The Community Shield: Chelsea 1 Manchester United 3

A deserved victory for Man Utd in the end at Chelsea's second home and a good game for a change for a shield opener. Chelsea's fourth defeat in a row in pre-season and plenty to ponder before the big kick-off this weekend. I had great seats yesterday (bottom row behind the goal row 7.....a perfect view for Utd's first goal...gulp!) £30 a ticket - thats exactly £55 cheaper than my FA Cup final ticket cost me last season where I was stuck up by the corner flag. I'm hungover and rambling on about fuck all now so I'll end by saying (through slightly gritted teeth) congratulations to Man Utd.


  1. Well I was wondering what spin you were going to put on it and you didn't LOL!

  2. I'm just being my usual honest self Mona. I'm a good loser (sometimes!)

  3. hopefully the shape of things to come this season for utd.paul scholes was top class.hernandez goal was a comedy classic!
    and with o' neill just resigning in the last few minutes,who do you think will be the next managerial casualty?

  4. Hiya gobshyte. Yea I just heard about O'Neill. Fancy leaving it until one week before the season starts to resign eh? Probably something to do with Milner I reckon.

    The next managerial casualty in the Premiership will be...Chris Hughton imo.