Monday, 2 August 2010

Di Canio

Something for you Lee. One hour long on MPEG-4 format so it plays on Media Player Classic and focusing on his time playing for the dark side :) its Di Canio. You cannot accuse this player of ever being dull,that is for sure.



  1. Thanks Longy :) I'm sure others will enjoy it too.
    Probably his finest period in an "interesting" career, always entertaining if a little nuts :)

  2. Definately a little nuts (like most Italians!) Who was the chubby guy in the midfield setting up most of the goals Lee? I'm sure I recognise him from somewhere lol.

  3. That would be the managers nephew big fat Frank, probably as good as it got from him :)
    Nice to see some of the other youngsters playing in a decent team like Joe Cole, Carrick and Rio Ferdinand.
    Nice vid Longy :)

  4. And they still managed to get relegated!