Friday, 26 November 2010

Avram's Last Stand?

Chelsea may be going through a mini crisis but the going's on at Arsenal and West Ham put them into perspective. Tomorrow is a massive day for West Ham manager Avram Grunt. Defeat at home to Wigan would surely mean the end of the road for the Israeli. If I was a Hammer's fan,I'd WANT my team to lose tomorrow just to get rid of the cunt! I speak from experience and the fact that Avram isn't what you'd call a lucky manager and no,I still haven't forgiven him for leading us to a memorable Carling Cup defeat against Spurs either. Having said that,I hope West Ham win tomorrow - the longer Grunt stays,the more chance of the Hammers going down!

Meanwhile Arsenal continue to amuse us. Turning a certain victory into a hilarious defeat against North London's hated rival's Spurs at home was bad enough but the crushing defeat in the Champions League and the injury to Fabragas means its been a bad week for Arsene (the water-bottle basher) Wenger. Oh and whats this I see in the papers this morning? His mistress claims she is pregnant. It never rains,it pisses down at the Emirates. Long may it continue :)


  1. Bad day all round for you then Longy :)

  2. At least you won Lee......and Grunt remains at West Ham. Not over the moon with the Gooner and Man U results though!

  3. Nail on head Longy - not a lucky Manager.

    Was a hair's breadth from winning the CL. Came a lot closer than Jose or Ancellotti.

  4. Hello again.

    Seems your team are having same problems my team did have this season (we play spring - autumn). We did win 2009 (even the triple....) Ended up only as 11 (of 16) this year......

    Best wishes from Sweden

  5. Hi Mullers. No definately not a lucky manager. Yes he got us to the final but remember Mourinho only failed because of 1) a goal that didn't go in and 2) penaltys. I don't credit any "success" to getting to the final down to Grunt to be honest.

    Hi Arstider,well I'm hoping we don't end up quite that low mate. The way things are going,I will be happy with a top 4 finish (and the Champions League of course :) It would be nice to win the FA Cup for the 3rd time in a row too but honestly,I don't see us winning anything this season. We won't win today either!