Sunday, 7 November 2010

I hate football!

We got what we deserved today. Fuck all! Embarressing to watch in the first half and bloody painful with it. Torres just loves scoring against us the prick!

At least Newcastle got a great result at Arsenal today so that lessens the blow a tiny bit. If Wenger spent a bit more time on his team and not with his Mistress they might of done better. Maybe Ancelotti is shagging some bird behind his Mrs's back too eh!


  1. Hi Longy,

    Go back home to posting old punk records. lol

    Cheers mate.

  2. lol na this is much less stressful (or it will be tomorrow!)

    Cheers Mike :)

  3. Has the cat recovered?

  4. yer im form newcastle we have the worst director in the world and i dont follow football the fans hate him and he cant even sitt in his box maybee he should sell up and go mike ashley

  5. I don't blame the Geordies for hating Mike Ashley. He's a first class shithead out to line his own pocket....a bit like most people in football really!