Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Its all doom and gloom at the Bridge

You really wouldn't think Chelsea are still top of the League. The doom and gloom surrounding the club is quite epic right now. First the sudden departure (I call it sacking) of Ray Wilkins then the shocking performance against Sunderland where lets be honest here,we were lucky to only lose 3 0. Now the news of the injuries to JT and Alex and what with Lampard also injured again and Essien out,Drogba with malaria and the rest of them bar Cech playing like total cabbages,you can see why there's the doom. It doesn't help matters when the manager sees fit to play Paulo Ferriera in central defence instead of young Bruma and the promising Josh McEachran is left out of midfield despite the shitty performances so far from Ramires (the only Brazilian footballer in history who cannot trap a football)

Most Blues fans I know have been asking the question: How are we still top of the league? Its a good question but make no mistake,we won't be for much longer as we have been playing poorly for weeks. The board,by chopping down the size of the squad,have really fucked up our chances of the title. Its all well and good playing some kids but it doesn't take a genius to work out our squad depth is piss poor compaired to last season.

Basically,we are fucked!


  1. I share your view of doom and gloom. My question is what the fuck happened? Or more precisely, how was this allowed to happen?

  2. Its a good question Anon. Surely Abramovich is not stupid. Ron Gournlay might have something to do with it though. We should of kept Peter Kenyon. At least he knew what he was doing and did a good job. Gournlay is a complete fucking arsehole and a Tottenham fan!

  3. Chin up Longy, you were always going to have a bad run and its not like any of the prospective contenders are in any sort of form at the moment. (Hopefully) step forward Utd for their usual 2nd half run (don't know whether or not we've got it in us this year). Long way to go though.....

  4. Longy

    I just watched Chelsea lose 1-0 to Birmingham over a few cups of coffee.Game was a 7am start here.One terrible defensive breakdown results in a loss.Chelsea directed 31 shots at the Birmingham net!Probably 4-0 Chelsea would have been a fair result.The missed chances ...
    Game announcers did note the Wilkins effect.Also the lack of communication between the Assistant Coaches and the Manager during the match.
    I have an Arsenal fan since 1973.So things can actually be worse ...



  5. I think the title is yours Mullers. Look at the next lot of fixtures we have coming up.

    I watched the game myself Doug. I thought we were really unlucky today but if you don't take your chances,you get jack-shit in this game. I won't mention Sp*r*!

  6. hmmmm Way too many foreign players acting in your league mates... Although i must confess, watching all these french/"trained-in-france" players is a pure delight... If it were for the questionable quality of the food, i'd ask for a transfer to Milwall (i loved the vid you posted sAb)

  7. Yeah you're fucked, I reckon you need Avram Grant back to sort you out .. please!!
    I thought you said Ramires was good when I compared him to Kleberson, did I get one prediction right at last? :)

    Seriously you're still a top 2 team just I reckon it's nearly time to start dumping the old guard like Fergie does once in a while, there's a lot of Ranieri and Mourinho players still there and none of the signings since have been good enough or trusted enough to take their places.

  8. Longy - any truth in these rumours about Ancellotti resigning. Would doubt it, but all would not appear to be well at the Bridge (at least this week)!.

  9. Hello haba,nice to see you here. Yes the Millwall video is very funny isn't it. I think I'll stick to great british food rather than that French bitty shit thanks!

    Lee,Ramires looked good in the World Cup but he has been absolute bollocks for us so far. And you can keep the zombie at West Ham thanks. He is doing a mighty fine job from a Chelsea perspective!

    Hi Mullers. I don't know mate to be honest. Personally I think its all paper bollocks but something ain't right at the moment. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully seeing some kids get a game vs Zilana and a pressure free evening for a change!

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