Monday, 1 November 2010

Relegation: Who's going down?

I must admit before a ball was kicked in anger this season I would of had money on all 3 promoted teams (WBA,Newcastle and Blackpool) going straight back down from the top flight. It could still happen of course especially to Blackpool who have such a small squad. But isn't refreshing to see them all doing reasonably well so far?

So now I'm not so sure who's going to fall. West Ham I think are certs (sorry Lee!) Avram carries bad luck around with him. Getting to Cup finals is one thing and losing them is another! And what happened to Pompey last season in the League?

Blackpool I love. Ian Holloway is a legend but I think in the end they'll just fall short. I hope I'm wrong.

And Wigan. I don't know how they defy the odds each season but I think this season they'll go.

What about you? Use the poll over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> if you want.


  1. OK I'm biased and don't think we'll go down, Noble's appendix has come at a bad time and our one good signing Hitzlesperger will be lucky to play this season but still think we've got a bit more than at least 3 teams.
    I'll stick with my predictions from the start Wigan, Blackpool and Sunderland, Wigan have surprised me so far with a few decent results but too many nations in their team, Blackpool like you I'd love to see them stay up but I can't see it, Sunderland proving last week they are a poor team and if Bent gets injured I think they're doomed and I can't abide wor Steve Bruce.

  2. Throwing away a two goal lead doesn't bode well for your top flight status Lee. But on paper a draw at Brum ain't such a bad scoreline.

  3. Yeah that could have been better, shame we got another blind ref :(
    I still think my idea of velcro shirts that fall apart if they get pulled would work, then the cheating defender couldn't deny it if he ended up with the shirt in his hand. Although the ref would probably book our player for taking his shirt off?
    Looks like the premier league have decided that Stoke are gonna be relegated, shit on by the refs yet again.

  4. gone for west ham, west brom and blackpool, in that order. think newcastle will struggle, after all its the same team just about as was relegated. cheers - gonk

  5. I have to admit Lee that Stoke are getting robbed on a weekly basis. Personally though I don't care. I don't like their fans and I wouldn't shed a single tear if they went down.

    Hi gonk, good luck today mate! You'll need it against those Gooners. I reckon you will be okay this season mate.

  6. Not LIV-ER-POOL! :)

  7. Yeah Stoke fans, hard to feel sorry for them, last time I went there the b'stards bricked the coach window.

  8. Yep those inbreds are still living in the 70's and 80's. They don't realise the rest of the world has moved on.