Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Glenda's at it again!

Sky Sports were at the centre of a fresh scandal last night after Glenn Hoddle was accused of making an inappropriate joke about the Chinese live on air.

The former England manager, who was dismissed by the Football Association in 1999 for highly-offensive remarks about the disabled, was providing co-commentary for Sky’s broadcast of the Fulham v Chelsea Barclays Premier League clash at Craven Cottage.

Hoddle seemingly caused Sky fresh embarrassment because of the way he responded to the sight of Fernando Torres squandering a goalscoring opportunity in the 0-0 draw.

During the encounter, Twitter became awash with accusations of Hoddle jokingly comparing Chelsea’s out-of-form £50million signing to the ‘Chinese player Knee Shin Toe’.

A clip of the commentary was posted on YouTube within hours of the incident.

Ironically, Hoddle was employed as a replacement for the disgraced Andy Gray, who was sacked by the broadcaster last month for sexist remarks.

The comments could end any hope Hoddle may have had of securing a permanent role as a co-commentator at the broadcaster.

In my honest opinion,Glenn's comment are not offensive and it was a funny comment especially coming from him but in this PC nanny state world,you could say he's Sky career is looking "dodgy" to say the least.

There was nothing funny about Chelsea's performance or the one of the compete and utterly useless Mike Dean though.


  1. I know less than nothing about SOCCER, but that Wayne Rooney bicycle kick was pretty punk rock.

  2. Chelsea thought they had signed Chinese star Knee Shin Toe but couldn't compete with Man City's wage offer.

    Ban Hoddle, I have always found him offensive especially when he played for the Spuds :)

  3. Hello Naz. Its FOOTBALL for gods sake :) Was a great goal by Rooney though I have to admit.

    Lee,he is a berk but if you ban him for that then the world's gone bonkers mate.