Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Prepare to be depressed. Its England tonight!

I'm half tempted to watch France vs Brazil online instead of the dross that will be no doubt served up by Denmark and England tonight on the awful ITV. What is the point of this friendly? Top players pull out of these meaningless games and no-one cares a toss about the result. Anyone who's English can get an England cap these days and we all know what will happen in the end. We'll qualify for the 2012 European Championships,the nation will be on a high,full of expectations and then we'll fuck it up as only England do. The song "We're shit,and we know we are" springs to mind!


  1. maybe england should be playing in this carling cup of nations thing that we are least we beat wales last night so you guys shouldnt have too much trouble.


  2. I wouldn't bank on it mate lol

  3. luckily i have rehearsals with my band tonight,so i could escape awful Italy vs. Krauts or another of this pointless friendly matchs...without the three points it's not football...

  4. Wasn't as bad as we expected, but I only saw the highlights.
    Nice to see Scotty Parker in an England shirt and more proof that donkey Dawson shouldn't be anywhere near the England team.
    The danish lad Eriksson looks like a talent, at least till some English team signs him.

  5. Well I did watch it in the end and yes it was better than expected.