Saturday, 26 February 2011

League Cup Final: Arsenal vs Birmingham

Tomorrow is the League Cup (Carling Cup) Final and despite a reputation as a "mickey mouse" cup,when you are actually there at Wembley watching your team,it doesn't matter a toss what anyone thinks - A cup is a cup!. Sunday's final means more than most recent finals as Arsenal have not won one single major trophy since 2005 and they are desperate for some silverware. As for Birmingham,well they haven't won a major trophy in living memory so they will be just as desperate.

I always want the underdog on occasions like these especially when Wenger is involved so I,like many others will naturally be cheering on the Blues tomorrow. I don't think they'll do it but I live in hope. Good luck Birmingham City!


  1. Oi old man, sent you an email few days ago..did ya get it?

  2. Just! Cheers Mark,I've replied now :)

  3. Cheers Mark got it all now. Looks good :)