Monday, 21 February 2011

Knocked Out By A Neville! Can Life Get Any Worse?

Life goes from bad to disaster for my poor old team as Chelsea turn a certain victory into another memorable defeat against Everton at the Bridge on Saturday. With just 75 seconds of extra time remaining and an easy looking 5th Round tie against Reading to look forward to,we give a needless free kick away. Leighton Baines scores and the game goes to penalties. Chelsea don't do penalties and even when they were 2 nil up in the shootout,I just knew we would blow it.

Just to rub salt into the wound,Phil Neville scored the winning penalty and sent everyone except the 6 thousand odd Everton fans home very unhappy. Another uninspiring performance. Ancelotti must surely be on the way out at the end of the season. The Double last season,surely nothing this one. I hope half the players go with him. They ain't fit to wear the shirt the lazy fuckers.


  1. come in agent neville - mission accomplished!

    big game for Ancellotti / Chelsea v Copenhagen - not a gimmee as some may think

    wouldn't like to be in Ancelotti's shoes if you go out to the Danish side.

  2. Over 2 legs I reckon we will beat the Danes but tomorrow,I'm sure we will lose. Just had a tenner at 9/2 on it as well up Ladbrokes. A great price for ANY team playing us at the moment!

  3. i can see that becoming a song for opposing fans to the tune of guantanamera 'knocked out by a neville,youve been knocked out by a neville,knocked out by a neville,youve been knocked out by a neville'
    sorry mate but that made me laugh especially as hes ex-utd!!


  4. lol Gob. We'll see you next Tuesday. Or simply C.U.N.T. for short :)