Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Manchester United vs Chelsea.....Can a miracle happen?

Who would of believed Chelsea are in this position now? After clawing back 12 points since we beat United at the Bridge back on March 1st,we are in the remarkable position of possibly stealing the League title off United. First we have to win at Old Trafford on Sunday. But can we do it? No League team have taken more top flight points off the Red Devil's on their own patch than Chelsea and we showed last season that when push comes to shove,we can go there and win. Am I confident? Am I fuck. Knowing Chelsea they will go there and win then hammer Newcastle at home only to fuck it up on the last day at Everton (one very recent boogie ground if ever there was one)

No I'm not confident at all but I am very pleased we are at least in this position. If United somehow don't win the title this season,then they have basically chucked it away and I just cannot see Fergie's men doing such a thing. Now I'm not one to wish injury on any player but if United do pick up minor knocks during their Champions League semi final 2nd leg to the likes of Rooney,Hernandez,Nani,Riggs,Park,Ferdinand,Vidic and Van der Sar,which keep them out of the Chelsea game,well you won't hear me complaining!

Whatever happens,its been an incredible end of the season for my boys. Thanks to a little help from a some dodgy lineman/refereeing (and Arsenal!) May the best team on the day triumph at OT on Sunday and may that team wear the Blue of Chelsea!


  1. Good luck.... :-D
    It's all about winning the last game.....

    Saw that QPR should be back.....

    Best wishes from Sweden

  2. Thanks arstider. Alas the referee on Sunday is Howard Webb who absolutley hates us.

  3. I think every team has been helped by some dodgy lineman/refereeing at some point, but as much as I'd love Chelsea to push on through, unless Torres stays on the bench, I don't know... Hope we do.

    And that Webb doesn't try to make up for Cairns and Yerby's calls!

  4. Hi Longy - the momentum is with Chelsea who are fresh and under no pressure whilst Utd have one eye on the CL, and are beginning to tire. Personally I would play a virtual reserve side tonight to keep everyone fresh for Sunday. Its a gamble but one worth taking imho. No.19 is most important to lose this now would be devastating to players, manager and fans alike.

  5. Hi Biopunk. If Carlo starts with Torres after what happened in the Champions League then he deserves to be sacked.

    Hi Mullers. I think Fergie can afford to rest a few players tonight and I think he will. Good luck tonight. I just hope you do slip up on Sunday! It's amazing how we are suddenly Liverpool FC fan's second favourite club and I can see why with that record at stake.

  6. I thought Abramovic would have paid the FA to use Chelsea fan Martin Atkinson like he usually does?

  7. A 37 second "miracle"...

    C'mon, Barca!

  8. We were lucky to only lose 2 1 Biopunk. Utd deserved it so fair play to them. I actually hope they stuff Barca in the final too.

  9. Have to agree Longy, Chelsea didn't turn up.

    Thanks for the good wishes for Barca - can't see it somehow but its a one-off so you never know.

  10. We were 2nd best in all departments Mullers and totally outplayed and outfought. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement but you have to hold your hands up sometimes and admit how shit you were!

    Of course you can beat Barca this time. I'm very confident you will do it.