Sunday, 15 May 2011

Avram Grant Sacked

Millwall,Tottenham and Chelsea fans all over the world will be gutted by this terrible news. The man did a great job as predicted by yours truely :) The Championship will be a lot richer with the Caravan men in it and I'm not expecting to play them in the League for a very long time to come (sorry Lee!) I will really miss all of their two songs next season NOT!

Thank you Avram. Serves West Ham right for sacking the legend that is Gianfranco Zola (a man who actually kept them up) Gold,Sullivan and Brady,enjoy life in football's second tier. Enjoy your half empty (if your lucky) new Olympic stadium. Enjoy pitting your wits against Barnsley,Bristol City and Brighton. Who knows,if Alex McCleish can take Birmingham City down,you might be able to poach him for next season :)


  1. Chelsea will need a new manager next season and what better person than the only one to get them to the Champions league final, and he's available :)
    I still blame the Iceland lot for getting rid of our last good manager Pardew they undermined him when we were doing ok by signing the 2 Argies when we had a really good team and didn't give him enough time to settle them in, Curbishley was out his depth and only got lucky due to a pile of injuries he had to finally play Tevez Noble Collins Zamora Green etc who got us out of trouble, Zola although a great player should have come in as a number 2 to a more experienced manager and learnt his trade, Grant was never going to win anyone over? no charisma whatsoever he should stay in the background somewhere away from Upton Park.
    Sullivan Gold and Brady are supposed to be experienced but are acting like complete amateurs, it makes you nostalgic for the days when most people hardly knew who owned the clubs and they stayed out of the limelight.

  2. I won't deny the thought of Grant coming back to Chelsea in ANY capacity worries the living crap out of me. If Abramovich has any sense (which sometimes I doubt) he will ignore his friend and remember who led us to failure in the Carling Cup to Tottenham (an unforgivable act)

    I hear Zola may be coming home as a coach. God I hope so.

  3. Just looking at that picture ... sigh.
    It makes me realise what's wrong with modern football, all seater stadiums with a bunch of soft lads all wearing their replica kits because they think you have to and crying after relegation because they've seen it on telly? the last time I was at a relegation match I had other things on my mind at the final whistle ..

  4. Like getting down to Victoria and ambushing Chelsea :)

  5. its happened.theyve finally started selling wacko jacko merch at the ffc shop.its awful.oh and i spoke to a guy from foxsoccer today .apparently brad friedel is going to sign for spurs on monday he said

  6. Sad ain't it mate - Jacko! Brad Friedel eh. He must be nearly 40 now lol. Personally I want to keep Gomez :)

  7. Yeah Gomez must stay :)
    I thought Jacko was an Exeter fan (or possibly that Swiss team that Tottenham played).