Friday, 13 May 2011

The FA Cup Final

Congratulations to City on winning the Cup later today. Of course I don't know what City it is yet but you can bet your bottom dollar its either Manchester or Stoke. Man City are the bookies choice but my money is on Stoke who I think will spring a big surprise at Wembley. With this being Man City's biggest game for 35 years and Man Utd expected to lift the title at Blackburn in the 12.45 kick off,it would be so typical if Man City's big day was ruined.

Personally I don't care who wins (well I do actually as I've had a few quid on the Stokies!) but I do hope it's a good game. May the best team on the day win.

Oh and a big thumbs down to the FA for allowing Premier League games on the same day as the sacred FA Cup final. Yes we know it is the Champions League Final next Saturday but surely you could of put all this weekend's games on the Sunday. Luckily ours is Sunday so I won't miss the Cup Final but it is not the point. Punish football going fans why don't you. F.A. really does stand for Fucking Arseholes!

EDIT: I won't give up my day job. Congratulations Man City on a deserved win!


  1. even worse mate is the fact that the fa want to keep it the same next year but with a kick off time of 5.15,to get a bigger tv audience they say,thats bollocks.
    personally as a utd fan i hope stoke win and also for the fact of some eejit(a manc blue)i saw on sky sports yesterday who had a giant fa cup tattooed on his back with '2011 winners' underneath it.he wont feel like a bell end if stoke win


  2. ^^ this and their charging of Sir Alex for exactly the same thing as Ancellotti, Redknapp and countless other managers say every weekend - the FA have lost it big time. Adds fuel to the conspiracists fire.

  3. Well any silly sod who has a tattoo done before the game deserves what he gets Gob. Yep I see the game is 5.15 ko next season. More misery for the fans who travel to Wembley!

    Mullers - when Fergie spoke out about Webb,I honestly thought he would get charged. It isn't allowed mate,however stupid it is.

    On the subject of the FA Cup lads,do you think Man Utd are responsible for killing the competition in some way after pulling out of the 99/00 FA Cup to play in that World Club thingy? I honestly don't think the Cup has been the same since with so many clubs not bothering to field their best sides,dwindling attendences,less TV coverage etc although having to play the final in Cardiff for a few seasons afterwards didn't help. Did you lot set that ball rolling? Just wondered.....

    PS We won it that season too :)

  4. Just thougt I would drop by as it seems forever.
    Best wihes mate,

    Marky Dread.

  5. Hello Marky,hows it going mate? I hope all is well and congratulations on winning the title.

  6. I think you'll find the Champions league is the 28th not next week although it improves Blackpool's chances if United are playing 2 days in a row :)
    Still not sure why people still blame Man U for the cup losing it's sparkle? when it was the FA who asked them to go in the first place. I blame a combination of Sky, FIFA and Liverpool fans :)

  7. lol yep sorry Lee,you are right about the CL final. And yes it was the FA who asked Man U to go but they could (and should) of said no in my opinion. The good thing about them actually going was we won the FA Cup that season!

  8. Longy, Sir Alex's quote - "We are getting the best referee, there is no doubt about that. But (getting a bad decision) is definitely our big fear." Ancelotti's quote, “I don’t want to put pressure on the referee. I think Howard Webb is a fantastic referee because he has experience. If the referee he has no experience we can perhaps be a bit worried about this but with Howard Webb there is no problem. Tony Pulis last month: “Howard is a great ref in my book and certainly as good as there is in the world. What makes him special is that little bit of an aura he has about him. He deals with players very well and I think most people in the game respect him. We are pleased to have him [for the semi-final]. Now we just hope it’s an eventful game for the right reasons and that major decisions are decided by the players, not the officials.”

    Only one manager charged - no wonder Sir Alex refuses to answer the charge.

  9. Only two managers charged I believe Mullers. Carlo as well now!

  10. Longy, just waiting for Pullis to be charged now (as the pathetic FA are informed of the inconsistency of their decision making).

  11. It shouldn't be too long Mullers :)