Sunday, 22 May 2011



  1. Hey Longy

    It's the Lone Ranger ... no it's Ryan G****.

    More importantly it was an unbelievable day at the bottom of the Premiership.I was switching between games.The game announcers were updating team points,goal differentials and goals for.Very exciting.

    Sad that Blackpool was relegated.An entertaining team.

    Can Man United defeat the best team in the world next weekend?

    Arsenal ends season with a whimper.I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1973.

    Here we are all consumed with the NHL Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup playoff run.

    And the Vancouver Whitecaps initial MLS season is becoming a 'wee' bit of a disaster.

    Here is the wiki link for NASL Whitecaps.You will recognise many players.

  2. Hiya Doug

    Yes it was a tremendously exciting final day and I think just about everyone is gutted Blackpool went down. They were a breath of fresh air to the Premiership and Ian Holloway is just a funny man.

    That is an impressive list there. I recognise all the English players there. I actually scored 5 penalties out of 10 against Phil Parkes when he came to our school for a competition when he was still a QPR player. I didn't win it though.

    As for Arsenal...we you have my sympathy! :)

  3. Apropos of nothing…

    Seems Pursey was right all along -

  4. Yea I see that Kes :) Perhaps now he can spend some of his loot!