Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The best goal ever scored

I don't know what the best goal ever scored was I do like the first one on this compilation by George Best and obviously Shevchenko's superb goal for Chelsea at Spurs. I was surprised there were no Zola goals on this comp though.

The question is simply,what was the greatest goal ever scored?


  1. I don't know about the best, but Giggsy's against the Gunners in the SF of the fa cup in 1999 was my favourite.

    just to show I'm not completely biased Van Basten' volley for Holland from an acute angle was fantastic (can't remember when or who it was against).

  2. Yes the Giggs goal was a goodun as was Van Basten's volley (vs Russia Euro 88 final)Cheers Mullers.

  3. probably not in everyones top goals but for me ray houghton against italy usa '94 or norman whiteside against everton in the '85 cup final are definitely up there.ill probably think of more in a minute!

  4. Not biased choices there then gobshyte!

  5. So hard to pick one goal when there are hundreds that could qualify.
    The George Best goal was probably the best of that compilation but Giggsy's goal should have been there along with a couple from DiCanio and a host of Dutch world cup goals like Bergkamp's one against Argentina in 94.
    How do you choose between a 40 yard wonderstrike and a run which beats 10 players followed by a tap in?

  6. ah Di thinks you might like my next post Lee :) You are right of course - its all down to personal taste.

  7. I was thinking of the goal he scored against Chelsea when he flicked it up and belted it from about 25 yards :)
    Looking forward to your next post then :)

  8. Nobody talks about Maradona goal against England ?

    I wonder why... ah ah ah

    It was considered by FIFA the best World Cup goal and i agree.

    Other amazing goals i remember, Zidane in the champions final scoring for Real Madrid.
    Some of the Cristiano Ronaldo free kick goals should be on the top list too.
    As somebody here said Van Basten goal against URSS was something awesome too.
    And Van Bronckhorst goal in this last World Cup scoring for Holland, in my opinion it was the best goal of the World Cup.
    Maniche´s goal scoring for Portugal against Holland in Portugal´s Euro 2004 was memorable too.
    Zico scoring goals was also really great .
    In my opinion he and Garricha were much better players than Pélé.

    Cheers Mates

    Marion Cobretti

  9. No no one likes talking about Maradona's goal. Probably because he cheated a few minute's before(hand)

    I used to love watching Zico in the World Cup and from what I've seen from old documentary's and footage,Garrincha was probably the best winger ever.

  10. Yes Garrincha was the best winger ever, but he was also an alcoholic,so he didn´t played many seassons at his best peak of form.
    And Pélé had a whole marketing machine around him, Garrincha don´t.
    Garrincha died in poverty and sickness.
    Today died a portuguese football legend called José Torres, he was one of the portuguese striker´s together with Eusébio in 66 England World Cup. They played many years together in the old glory days of S.L.Benfica.


    Marion Cobretti

  11. Yes I know all about Garrincha. There is a great documentary called Pele and Garrincha: Gods of Brazil (I think!) which I watched a while ago. You might find it online if you look hard enough.

    Sorry to hear about Jose Torres. R.I.P.