Monday, 26 July 2010

Times up for Fergie

Manchester United and Alex Ferguson remind me a bit of myself and my old Austin Allegro. I knew the car was old and would pack in anyday but I still ran it into the ground until it did. Luckily I was at a roundabout doing approx 2mph when it finally conked out on me.

The point is,how much more are United going to rely on Sir Alex? When is he going to retire and more importantly,who would be an ideal replacement for him?


  1. Ok Longy, I'll bite.

    Its more a case of the rest of the premier league hoping that Utd depend on Sir Alex and all of a sudden, as and when he goes Utd will fall apart. Imho that will simply not happen due to the quality of the players, the winning mentality instilled in them and the successor; Mourinho is nailed on although Blanc and Moyes would also have a shout.

  2. Hi Mullers. It wasn't a wind up mate. Just a genuine question. Of course the likes of Chelsea,Arsenal,Liverpool,Citeh fans want Utd to fall apart when he goes and I suspect United as a club fear this will happen too so they are hanging on to Fergie for dear life.

    The point is he is irreplaceable. I don't think Mourinho is as nailed on either. Moyes would do a good job there imo.

  3. Remember the days when everyone was tipping Bruce and Keane to take over!!!
    Oh how I wish that were true!

  4. I think Gary Neville could do a good job Trev lol

  5. He will retire when he feels he's no longer up to it. If this goverment have their way retirement age will be around a 100 soon, so looks like your stuck with Fergie for a good few years yet :-)