Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Manchester City: Are they genuine title contenders?

What do you think Manchester City's chances are for this season? Judging by that little survey over there >>> a couple of you seem to think they might win the League (and yes Trevor,I know one of those people were you!)

City are thought of as some kind of joke in the red half of Manchester and for such a big club not winning a major trophy since Dennis Tueart scored a rather good overhead kick vs Newcastle (another massive underachiever) in the 1976 League Cup Final at Wembley,its not really surprising. I'll be honest,I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Citeh and up until 1997 have always likened them to another underachieving team in that reside in a certain area of west London.

But City are a different beast now. A bottomless pit of money (and please don't tell me you can't buy success.....we did!) and an ambitious owner. Some of the best players in the League too (not sure about the Manager yet personally)

I will be amazed if they don't come in the top 4 this season and it wouldn't surprise me if they are right in contention for the title right up until the end of April (when Chelsea and Utd just edge ahead)

I'm predicting a 3rd place finish for Citeh this season. What do you reckon?


  1. What the big team in manchester...would be nice for them to get a trophy in their darts world commisioned cabinet (apparantly they do have a trophy cabinet) You must be dreaming if you think they're contendors

  2. You weren't so hot yourself last season mate.

    Now that Tevez is some player isn't he?

  3. In the late seventies and eighties Liverpool bought success,in the nineties and noughties united bought success then Chelsea bought success so if you don't think CITY will be successful then you're deluded.
    the past was theirs the future is ours.
    Is that the banks calling yourags?

  4. city wont finish any higher than 4th.united really should have held on to tevez though

  5. I can't be too cruel to Utd Trevor as alot of friends support them but you gotta love those Glazer boys!

    Well Gobshyte a top four finish won't be sniffed at by the Citeh lot this time I don't suppose.

  6. Yep course they're contenders.

    Cracking squad that is the envy of all outside of Chelsea and Utd which they'll probably bolster still further before the end of August.

    They will soon also be able to attract world class players. Utd and maybe not even Chelsea can currently do that.

    Don't think they'll win it this year but they should secure a top four place.

    Pains me to say it but so long as they are the RCITW, sustained success will not be far away.

  7. Good honest comments there Mullers and yes your right,Utd and Chelsea can't compete with them in the transfer market now.