Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ross Turnball: Is he really Scottish?

I've seen some calamity Goalkeepers in my time but this one takes some beating. I remember watching Ross's debut in the reserves online last season where he made 4 fatal error's in a four nil home defeat to Aston Villa. The warning signs were there then and he obviously hasn't improved if yesterday's first half against Ajax is anything to go by. Two more fatal errors and with Petr Cech injured and only another dodgy keeper (Hilario) ahead of him in the first team queue,Chelsea have a massive problem before a ball is even kicked in anger this season.

With a name like Ross,a free transfer and the fact he couldn't even make take the number 1 spot at the mighty Middlesborough,I can only assume our English goalkeeper has some Scottish blood in him. Come back Les Fridge,all is forgiven!


  1. wow ive been watching those howlers at work on sky sports news today but remember massimo taibi that we had at utd,now there was a dodgy keeper mate

  2. What a laugh don't you think that maybe your goalie might be a relation of robert green the best english goalie ever remember bannockburn

  3. Taibi was great Gobshyte. Starred in a 5 0 Chelsea win at the Bridge back in 99 didn't he :) I remember a complete howler against Southampton at OT as well.

    Robert Green is Dino Zoff at his peak compared to Ross Turnball dhgray41!