Thursday, 22 July 2010

Harry Redknapp has finally lost the plot!

Harry Redknapp masterminded Spurs' highest Premier League finish of fourth last term, setting up a maiden Champions League campaign for the club.

And the 63-year-old claims he has the players to end what would be a 50-year wait for the league championship at White Hart Lane.

"I feel we could contend for the title; we have got the players here," said Redknapp, who has added only the Brazilian midfielder Sandro to his first-team squad so far this summer.

"We have to aim for it. We could win the championship"

Yes and I could be shagging Cheryl Cole tomorrow night!


  1. So Harry says "We could win the CHAMPIONSHIP" I think they've got a chance .. assuming they get relegated this year.
    He has as much chance of winning the PREMIERSHIP as both of us have of shagging Cheryl Cole :)

  2. yes harry spurs could win the league keep taking your medication.
    on a lighter note i see dublins mighty shamrock rovers have drawn a bunch of italian part timers called juventus in the next europa league qualifying round.happy days!
    and on a lighter note i saw this link(im hoping its okay to put links here)on the bbc website a few minutes ago
    cheers old chap

  3. lol good point Lee.

    Good old draw for Shamrock Rovers Gobshyte! Yes of course its ok to put links in here and who can blame Dunne for laughing. We all were!

  4. Harry's havin' a laff. They're a long way short. They'll be lucky to maintain a top four place imho especially given their involvement in the CL.

  5. " Yeah he's a player I would be interested in(insert about 2 thousand players names !!)
    but he's at another club.
    Triffic giz a brown bag wiv the money in an we'll buy him off yer!
    The man is a shady twat.

  6. Their involvement in the CL might only last 2 games with a bit of luck Mullers :)

    Shady twat indeed Trevor. Twitchy shady twat at that!