Sunday, 18 July 2010

One Night In Turin (2010)

Based on the best book about football ever (Time Out) by Pete Davies, One Night in Turin tells the incredible inside story of Englands Italia 1990. From an age before the Premier League and multi-million pound salaries, remember how a under pressure (Sir) Bobby Robson and the mercurial Paul Gascoigne led a small band of English brothers to overcome scandal, political intrigue and even the mighty Dutch, to reach a semi-final against West Germany in Turin. From Platts last-minute winner against Belgium and Linekers cool finishing, to the heartbreak of being one kick away from the World Cup Final, relive all the glory and pain of an epic event that changed our footballing nation forever. Featuring match action from the FIFA archives and previously unseen footage from inside the England camp, as the nation begins to dream again, see how the modern age of the game began.

Highly recommended if you missed it on channel 4 a few weeks ago!



  1. evening mr. longy sir.does this have much from the game against ireland?and on a similar note any idea where i might find online the ireland v england game at Euro '88?cheers old bean


  2. Evening Gobstyte. No this only has very brief highlights (ie the goals)from that opening group game.

    Best place to try is

    You have to sign up (no cost) but there's forums on there with alot of classic old games. I tried looking the other day but my account hasn't been used for so long there,that they deleted the fucker!